The Company

Sportybots is a leading fun based multi sports program for children from 18 months to 8 years old. Its emphasis is on the development of basic skills relating to a variety of sports in a structured non-contact and non-competitive environment through fun games and activities. Gross Motor skill is important for sports based play and is an integral component of the program. Skills and games taught are age appropriate and suit varying levels of ability.

Sportybots was founded and developed in Adelaide, Australia in 2006 by Melinda Faull. Melinda wanted her 3-year old daughter to improve on her balance, running and motor skills through a multi-sport programme. She could not find it, so began to develop Sportybots for her daughter. Her daughter and later her son benefited greatly through Sportybots and now participate actively in school and club sports.

Since then Sportybots has grown to be a leading multi-sport programme and enjoyed by pre-schoolers in many countries. Thousands of children have benefitted and were able to develop basic skills through Sportybots.

Our unique programme is proven to improve children’s sport skills and increase their participation in sport. These combined with our high reputation for improving Motor Skills are the reasons why many Occupational Therapists refer children with weak motor skills to take up Sportybots. Sportybots enhances skills in throwing, catching, skipping, running, hopping, hand-eye coordination, eye-foot coordination, hitting an object (bat and ball) and balance. Positive values such as team spirit, patience, discipline, resilience are inculcated in Sportybots.

Sportybots Instructors are selected based on their patience and ability to interact with young children. They are required to attend Sportybots and Early Childhood Management training to understand development stages and learning abilities of children. Our Instructors also undergo attachments with senior instructors before they are cleared to conduct lessons.

Since 2014, Sportybots programmes are delivered throughout Singapore by Sportybots Asia Pte Ltd which is wholly owned by Sports Lifestyle Initiatives Pte Ltd.

Sports Lifestyle Initiatives Pte Ltd (“SLI”) was established in 2005 to offer structured swimming programmes to children of all age groups as well as adults. In 2009, we secured a lease from the Singapore Sports Council to operate an assemblage of a variety of sports and fitness activities and cafes at the Bukit Merah Swimming Complex (BMSC). The complex, renamed Sports Lifestyle Centre (SLC), is now our head office. Besides SLC, we also conduct swimming lessons at the Arena Country Club. We are a leading swim school in Singapore with about 1,000 students.

SLI has always been committed to delivering safe, fun and effective programmes to engage, nurture and develop happy participants of our programmes, be it in swimming or Sportybots. Our goal is to inspire a passion for sports in children through love, patience, fun and early childhood know-how.