Preschools and Childcare

  • Sportybots assists children from a young age develop healthy and active lifestyles that they will carry into adult life and pass on to future generations
  • Sportybots is fun and interactive.
  • Sportybots aids in number, colour and pattern recognition.
  • Sportybots coaches are trained in the Sportybots program, ongoing training, sharing and feedback sessions.
  • Sportybots coaches are selected based on their experience and ability to effectively communicate and interact with young children.


  • Develops gross motor & sports skills.
  • Builds confidence, self-esteem, discipline & independence
  • Learning in fun, safe and non-competitive environment
  • Improves school readiness through fair play, taking instructions and discipline
  • Enhances social skills & attention span
  • Encourage active and healthy lifestyle from young

Our unique program has proven to improve children’s sport skills and increased participation in sport. This combined with our high reputation for improving Motor Skills is the reason many Occupational Therapists refer children with poor Motor Skills to undertake our fun programs

Over the program children will enhance their skills in throwing, catching, skipping, running, hopping, hand-eye co-ordination, eye-foot co-ordination, hitting an object (bat and ball) and balance.

Sportybots is fun and interactive at the same time as it teaches children about fair play. Programs also aid in number, colour and pattern recognition.

Sportybots enhances their readiness for school by teaching about fair play, taking turns and following instructions.

Sportybots Instructors are highly trained in the Sportybots program and have been selected for their experience and ability to effectively communicate with young children.

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