Advisory Board

Mel Faull

Mel is the Founder and Creator of the Sportybots programme and was the Director of Spotybots Pty Ltd from 2006 to 2016.

Mel is a Qualified Level 1 Coach and has coached sports at both School and Club levels. She has been involved in every aspect of the Sportybots programme from coaching classes to business development, marketing and project management. Mel brings with her a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the sporting industry on a global scale.

Mel remains actively involved in sports from behind the lens as the Founder, General Manager and Head Sports Photographer with Get Snapt. She continues to build key relationships in the sporting industry and works closely with many large sporting organizations including Swimming South Australia, Little Athletics South Australia, Softball Australia, Cycling South Australia and more.  

Kim Baldwin

Kim is a member of the PGA of Australia and holds the classification of Advanced Coaching.

He brings over 40 years of professional coaching, half of which has been in SE Asia, to our Advisory Board. Kim remains actively involved with several junior golf programmes in Singapore.

Previously engaged by Singapore Sports Council to develop and implement an elite programme for the Singapore Golf Association (2004 to 2011). Kim has coached, successfully, the national team of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. He continues to contribute to R&A’s working for the Golf programme, conducting talent identification and development programmes in Pakistan, Myanmar, Iran and Nepal.

Dr. Ng Meng Lek

Dr. Ng Meng Lek, a veteran learning expert, renowned educational psychologist, and inventor of NeuroLAT, the world’s first Accelerated Learning A.I. Programme, helpconnect the dots and unfold the mysteries of deep learning.

 Dr. Ng’s diagnostic and therapeutic artificial intelligence programmes can help preschoolers and older children overcome a wide spectrum of learning challenges to become fast, independent learners. He strongly believes that children’s early participation in sports develops their problem-solving skills, teamwork, mental strength, and self-esteem.

Brian Galvin

Brian has established a name for himself in the Asia Pacific region with a strong association with junior golf. Throughout his golfing career, he was working with and influenced players like Bryon Clarkson (Australia PGA Futures, PGA Trainee of the Year.) Whitney Hillier (Australian Ladies Representative) and Jenifer Yan (Dual Silver Medallist at Asian Game).

He was also the Head Coach of Orchid Country Club Junior Programme, Head Coach of Seletar Airbase Junior Eagles Squad and Head Coach of Seletar Country Club Juinor Programme. He was also the Development Coach of Singapore Sports Coach.

Presently, Brian is a Teaching Professional at Mawson Lakes Golf Club and West Lakes Golf Club in Adelaide, South Australia

Chen Chee Yen

Chen Yee grew up playing tennis with players who were two years his senior in his younger days, and national servicemen in his competitive years. Honing his skills mercilessly and interspersing them with gym and jogging to build up his fitness, Chee Yen’s story is one of success soaked in lots of sweat, hard work and sacrifices.

He represented Singapore in the Davis Cup from 1993 to 1997. He was Top of the Asean-Oceanic Zone Group in 93 and 96. Currently holds the record for the most number of Singles win.

He was an accomplished criminal lawyer and now an entrepreneur and investor. He continues to coach tennis to children during his spare time